How to Know the Best Security Companies in Sydney

Sydney takes pride in having more than 100 security companies that offer both residential and commercial security services. Even though most of them provide the same type of security services, the terms, and conditions that govern provision of the services vary. Therefore, it is important to keenly evaluate every company before hiring to narrow down to the best.

To do this, you need to ask the companies some questions. The answers will help you to gauge their level of expertise and ability to meet your security needs. Here are eight crucial questions that you should ask a security company in Sydney before hiring.

How long have you been offering security services in Sydney?

It is recommendable to hire a security company that has been operating in Sydney for at least two years. Such a company has an in-depth understanding of the security concerns in this state and ways of amicably resolving them.

Thanks to advancements in technologies such as cloud computing, and simple website builder tools, a company with little or no experience in providing security services can create a stellar website in one day or less. Don’t be fooled by the appealing graphics and text posted on the website. Go the extra mile to ask the potential Sydney security company how long they have been in business.

You may have to do a background check online and consult the clients quoted as referees on the website to know if the company has the required expertise.

What certifications and training do your security guards hold?

Unarmed defensive training, professional arms handling, and medical training are three basic training courses that qualified security guards should have to offer security services. The courses are offered by a select group of learning facilities authorized by the government.

The best security companies in Sydney will not fret when you ask about their personnel’s certifications and training. They will freely give you the supporting documents upon request. Choose a company whose security guards have done additional courses such as Alarm and CCTV installation and maintenance courses to get holistic security services.

Do you have particular industry experience?

Well, different security firms in Sydney specialize in varying industries and niches. For instance, some companies only offer corporate security services while others focus on providing security services in residential areas.

To be on the safe side, you should hire a company that offers security services in your niche. For example, if you run a storage company, hire a company that has provided security services to other companies in the storage industry. Such a company has security guards conversant with the common security systems installed in the facility, such as motion detectors, integrated temperature sensors, and alarm systems.

Which type of security equipment do you use?

Nowadays, there are thousands of local and foreign companies that manufacture security equipment such as motion detectors and surveillance cameras. The equipment have different levels of reliability and fidelity. Based on this fact, it is prudent to engage a Sydney security firm that has invested in the new generation security systems and equipment.

For example, ask the type of surveillance cameras they install in and around the premises they guard, then do thorough background research of the brands to know if they are any complaints posted by users online. Too many missed security downsides such as missing footage and blurry images are red flags that you should look for when evaluating the functionalism and reliability of the security systems.

How often do you update/upgrade the systems?

Gone are the days when Sydney security companies relied on VHS tapes. They were replaced by modern WIFI-controlled cameras and digital data capture systems. Infrared motion detectors have also gained massive traction in the security industry.

Regardless of the technology used by the company to offer security services, the hardware needs to be updated regularly to continue functioning optimally. The best security company has put in place measures that ensure their hardware and systems are up to date. They also have highly trained technicians who work round the clock monitoring the systems. Avoid entrusting your property to a security company that uses phased-out security systems.

Do you offer full integration?

A majority of people in Sydney prefer single-source providers to handle their diverse security needs. This includes maintenance, monitoring, deployment, design, consultation, implantation, and upgrading of the security systems.

On the other hand, the niche security providers offer specific security services and security products such as surveillance cameras at a lower price. That said, the increased complexity of having to deal with different service providers and signing multiple contracts dilutes this benefit.

It is recommendable to contract a Sydney security firm that offers full security system integration to get value for money. Such a single-provider will meet all your security needs at a competitive rate. It’s also not cost-effective and efficient to have multiple security companies manning your premises.

Do you offer mobile security solutions?

Mobile security solutions such as mobile security application will give you full control of the security system installed in your premises even when you are not around.

Even though web portals and physical security panels at all the entry points and entry to your premises are important, it’s worth requesting the security company to supplement the service with a mobile application that can control part or the entire security system.

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What are the average response times and monitoring processes?

In case of a burglary incident, the security company should be able to come to your aid fast. During the vetting process, you need to know how quickly the security company can respond to such incidents. Some rely on audio systems that automatically alert the police, while others dispatch emergency security guard teams to the location. Either way, make sure that the Sydney security company can promptly respond to emergencies at any time of the day.

Final Thoughts

The above questions will help you to identify and hire the best security companies in Sydney. Be sure to ascertain the accuracy of each response provided to make the right decision.

At Australia Security Professionals, we focus on providing customer-oriented security services to both individual and corporate clients. Our clean track-record is proof that we are the best security company in Sydney. With our team of licensed and highly trained security guards on your side, rest assured that your property is in safe hands. Get in touch with us today for holistic residential and commercial security services.

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