Event Security Hire Sydney What you Need to Know

When planning to hold a private event in Sydney, it is crucial to consider the security of the people who will attend and the equipment. Luckily, many security firms offer event security services to individual and corporate clients. Like any other service, you need to consider several factors to get value for money and avoid security breaches during the event.

But before we look at the various factors, it is of paramount importance to seek a permit from the City of Sydney. A temporary event permit is required if you intend to hold a festival, charitable collection event, team or sporting event, commercial activity, or product sampling event that will attract public participation. Check out this article for more details about the outdoor events permit application process in Sydney.

Note that you don’t need to apply for a permit to hold small gatherings such as a private barbecue, provided you don’t bring in large equipment such as jumping castles and marquees. Private barbecues and other similar events that involve small fires are not allowed in open spaces or parks.

Now, let us shift gears and look at the primary things you need to know when hiring a private event security firm.

Qualification and License Held by the Security Firm

Hire a security firm with a valid Master Security License and only hire security officers who are fully qualified and licensed to offer security services in Sydney. Go the extra mile to look at additional security guards’ qualifications, such as a First Aid Certificate and RSA. These qualifications will ensure that your event has the highest degree of security officers possible.

More importantly, you should hire an event security firm that is a member of one or more professional bodies such as the Association of Investigators and Security ProfessionalsAustralian Security Industry Limited and Security Providers Association of Australia Limited.

Expertise Providing Event Security Services in Sydney

Different states have varying dynamics when it comes to outdoor or indoor events. It is recommendable to hire a security company that has vast hands-on experience providing these services in Sydney.

Event Security Guards Company in Sydney who meet this threshold understand the unique concerns particular to Sydney-NSW and will make the necessary plans to ensure that your event is not affected by any negative mishaps.Their event security officers will respond appropriately to a situation based on their experience and knowledge of the environment.

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Reputation in the Market

The reputation that a Sydney security firm has is directly related to the quality of services it offers. The best security firms have a clean reputation and are keen on ensuring they provide quality services to all their customers consistently.

You definitely don’t want to put the lives of the attendees at risk. So, steer clear of companies with a questionable reputation to avoid spending money on substandard event security services. Consult widely before making the final decision and look at how they respond to customers’ negative criticism.

The ideal event security service provider not only responds to positive comments but also negative feedback. Such a company is laser-focused on ensuring that every client gets the best service.

Provision of Additional Security Services

When planning for an event, there are so many unexpected or unforeseen things that can occur during and after the event. Based on this fact, it is prudent to hire a Sydney event security crowd control company with the capacity and expertise needed to meet the evident and unprecedented security needs.

For example, the company should be able to not only man the scene of the event but also install and monitor the surveillance cameras, control the crowd, and be able to offer first-aid services if the need arises. Some companies have emergency response teams that can be deployed to the event in case of an unforeseen occurrence.

The best company will schedule a meeting with you to understand all the event dynamics and visit the venue to get a clear perspective of what is required. They will install security systems in the entry and exit points and plan how to screen all the people who will attend the event effectively. Such a thorough preparation will ensure that your event is successful and devoid of any security bleaches.


Different security firms have varying pricing models for event security services. On average, expect to pay between AUD 30 and AUD 90 per hour. The rate is dependent on the level of security you need as well as the type of event. Needless to say, high-end events attract higher rates as they require more protection than low-end events.

Ask for a quote from all the security firms on your list, then compare and contrast them to know which ones best match your budget. Cheap is expensive, though; the price factor should not be independent. Consider the price as well as the quality and the terms and conditions to make the right decision. Don’t shy away from contacting the support team for clarification to avoid inconveniences down the road.

How Many Guards will be Required?

The size of the event will determine the number of guards you need. The thumb rule is one guard per 100 people, but feel free to adjust it depending on the nature of your event and budget. Seek guidance from a security expert who has experience managing security in large, medium, and small events similar to yours.

It can be difficult to control an event if the venue is too small or overcrowded, especially if you don’t have a guest list. There is also the risk of a large crowd getting out of control or guests who are not on the list trying to access the event. You need professional and enough security personnel to deal with such kinds of situations.

It would also be best if you had both uniformed and plain cloth security personnel at the venue to thwart any security challenges before they occur. Both groups should have badges and identification cards.

Closing Remarks

The success of your event is dependent on the suitability of the Sydney security firm that you hire. Take the time to consider all the factors discussed in this article before signing the contract document. More importantly, prepare for anything and everything, especially if you intend to hold a public event.

Planning to hold an event in Sydney? Don’t leave anything to chance. Contact Security Professional Australia for robust event security services on your budget. We have a team of licensed and accredited event security guards ready to be deployed to your venue to ensure that it happens smoothly. Call us today for a more details and a free quote. We look forward to serving you.

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